Saturday, July 21, 2012

Life Put Into Perspective

It's amazing how much we sometimes lose the meaning of what life is all about. We just go about doing all of our daily responsibilities and forget what everything we are doing is building up to. Time and time again I fall into this trap and end up losing some of the happiness that I could have had if I remembered to live with an eternal perspective. The Lord has to remind us through specific trials for us to see how much we really do need him in our lives. There have been a few specific events that have occurred this week, not to me personally, but that still effected me and put my life into perspective. Lives can be ended so unexpectedly and so instantly, without warning. . .

We should strive harder to live each day like it is our last day.
Show our love to those that we love.
Look to the Lord in everything that we do.
Spend time with friends and family.
Strive to be better each day.
Make goals.
Never stop improving.
Learn new things.
Ask for forgiveness.
And never let a day go to waste.

We do not know what the future holds for us, but if we keep this perspective throughout our lives there will be much less regret and much more happiness.

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