Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Picking it up

My wife told me I was welcome to make guest posts on her blog, and so, a few months later, here is my first blog post ever.

I just got out of class for the day today and I was feeling pretty down on myself.  The last class I left, biotechnology, seemed to be more than I can or want to handle.

I know how he feels
I've always felt pretty confident in the sciences, but this class seems to have gone a bit over my head. Or has it?  I'll come back to this.
Although I am a biotech major, the biotech industry does not particularly interest me, at least as far as laboratory work is concerned.  This may seem silly to have chosen a major that I am not overly interested in, but I did so because it aligned most closely to the prerequisites of most optometry schools where I would like to end up someday.

The rest of the students in the class seem like this
If you have never felt like this kid, I envy you.  There are times when I just want to say, "Enough of this school stuff.  I'm just going to work at Macey's forever," however ridiculous that may sound.  When I walked out of class today, I was wondering why I felt so pessimistic about the class and my chosen major.  Granted, school isn't meant to be a breeze, but I was becoming more frustrated than I felt necessary.  I then had a bit of a lightbulb moment.  The thought came to me that I am not doing as well in other things that I should be doing, like studying the scriptures regularly.  I guess I had justified it a little by saying, "Well, I go to institute.  That's good right?"  Yes and no.
Institute is a great place to be, but it will cannot replace one on one studying by yourself, especially if you are like me and tend to stay below the radar when it comes to class participation and in a non-Book of Mormon class.  The other classes are great, but the study of the scriptures should always be supplemented by the Book of Mormon.  This is what I have been lacking.
It is way to easy to fall into a trap of watching one more episode, one more game, one more something that will keep us from doing the things we need to do.  So, I have come to the conclusion that if I need more confidence in what I am doing, the Lord needs to be able to have more confidence in us that we will remember Him even during our busiest of times.  And then, we can be happier.  And that's what we all want.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Catching Up...

There are a ton of things that I need to catch up on since I last posted! I find it almost impossible to find time to write in my blog anymore. Whenever I have alone time at home - which is not a ton - I try to get things around the house done. And then when I have down time with my husband, well I spend that time with him of course. It is a nice thing to just cuddle up and watch a movie with him at the end of the day. I love it when I can find the time to write and recap on life though. I feel like writing is a very cool way of getting my thoughts organized and I feel so much more relaxed after I am done writing than I would otherwise.

I am going to do a little backtracking first. Jake's parents invited us to go to the conference center for the Christmas devotional. I had never gone to the Christmas devotional before so it was a neat experience, as always. While it was so good, I kind of got distracted by the snoring guy sitting behind us. Before the opening prayer was even done he started snoring. Oh and I should also mention I had a little cute dozy guy sitting next to me as well. ;-) It's okay though because I still loved it! Afterwards we walked around and saw the lights at temple square. It was a good way to start off our Christmas.

You know those Carls Jr. commercials that show someone biting into a huge burger, face messy, and the crunching sound is so clear?

Well those commercials worked for us. We decided to go to Carl's Jr. for the first time together and got some of their big messy sandwiches. While the sandwiches are not as good as their commercials make them seem, we decided to take pictures of our own "big bites".

Many of our dates consist of using up our gift cards from our wedding - yes, we are still trying to finish those off - and then driving around trying to figure our what else we can manage to do. For one particular date we went to Jamba Juice, then to the pet store - almost taking home a fish -, and then to a clothes store that opened not too long ago. The store is called Tiger Lilly, and they have every color of everything you could possibly imagine - pants, jackets, plain shirts, the works. The environment there was really iffy, and I probably will never go there again because of it, but I scored a good deal on two pairs of boots, a fun mustard color jacket, and a fedora hat. Below is a picture of us drinking our smoothies in our car wondering what to do next.

The weather has been crazy lately!! Last winter it hardly ever snowed, but of course it did on our wedding day. (Good luck right?) This winter has been almost the exact opposite, when you think the snowfall is just about over, there is another storm around the corner. For date night one night, we wanted to go out to eat somewhere. Everywhere we tried to go was super busy because we got out of the door kind of late. We found ourselves driving in a storm, with not so good windshield wipers. We ended up at Tucanos. When we got there they said it was about an hour wait, and all of the waiting areas were filled with people. So we decided to brave it out in the storm. We did not dress for the weather very well so it was super cold. In the end it was a fun date night since we never go to very expensive places for dinner. (We probably won't go until our 50 year anniversary now. Haha) Below you can see us trying to wether the storm. I also wore my mustard yellow jacket, and fedora hat for you to see!

Jake was so so sweet to me on Valentines Day! When I came home from work, I came to this surprise.

We decided to have a candle-light dinner at home for Valentines Day. We cooked some yummy pasta and I had fun with setting up our dinner tables with whatever I could find that would look somewhat nice.

Jake surprised me with making a yummy cherry desert with a heart in the middle. We also made this for one of our first dates!

I sure do love my forever Valentine!!