Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Picking it up

My wife told me I was welcome to make guest posts on her blog, and so, a few months later, here is my first blog post ever.

I just got out of class for the day today and I was feeling pretty down on myself.  The last class I left, biotechnology, seemed to be more than I can or want to handle.

I know how he feels
I've always felt pretty confident in the sciences, but this class seems to have gone a bit over my head. Or has it?  I'll come back to this.
Although I am a biotech major, the biotech industry does not particularly interest me, at least as far as laboratory work is concerned.  This may seem silly to have chosen a major that I am not overly interested in, but I did so because it aligned most closely to the prerequisites of most optometry schools where I would like to end up someday.

The rest of the students in the class seem like this
If you have never felt like this kid, I envy you.  There are times when I just want to say, "Enough of this school stuff.  I'm just going to work at Macey's forever," however ridiculous that may sound.  When I walked out of class today, I was wondering why I felt so pessimistic about the class and my chosen major.  Granted, school isn't meant to be a breeze, but I was becoming more frustrated than I felt necessary.  I then had a bit of a lightbulb moment.  The thought came to me that I am not doing as well in other things that I should be doing, like studying the scriptures regularly.  I guess I had justified it a little by saying, "Well, I go to institute.  That's good right?"  Yes and no.
Institute is a great place to be, but it will cannot replace one on one studying by yourself, especially if you are like me and tend to stay below the radar when it comes to class participation and in a non-Book of Mormon class.  The other classes are great, but the study of the scriptures should always be supplemented by the Book of Mormon.  This is what I have been lacking.
It is way to easy to fall into a trap of watching one more episode, one more game, one more something that will keep us from doing the things we need to do.  So, I have come to the conclusion that if I need more confidence in what I am doing, the Lord needs to be able to have more confidence in us that we will remember Him even during our busiest of times.  And then, we can be happier.  And that's what we all want.


  1. Ah man, yeah for information systems I had to take a few tough accounting classes that I really didn't like. Luckily my class was graded on a HUGE curve (I (for one class I took like 3-4 hours on some tests and go got something like 15% on some of them, but somehow still got an A-). Sometimes it's hard knowing which hoops to jump through and trying to figure out what you're supposed to be studying


    1. wow lots of typos in that paragraph, hopefully it's at least readable