Saturday, March 16, 2013

So incredibly grateful...

I am so grateful that I have someone...

...who is very attractive.

...who makes me giggle.

...who takes care of me - in sickness or in health.

...who is a great kisser.

...who holds the priesthood.

...who works so hard to ensure that we will have an amazing future.
(Taking a little nap in between studying... haha)

...who works at a grocery store and buys me chocolate (and other essential groceries of course!)

...who was, and still is worthy to take me to the temple. come home to.

...who forgives me of my mistakes. (I had a whole bag of popcorn for dinner tonight... sorry honey!)

... who is my best friend.

... who supports me with whatever I want/need to do. (He helped me deliver invitations for a Relief Society activity, it was awesome!)

...who I can trust with my life.

...who will ALWAYS love me no matter what.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Tuning Out the World

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with all of the demands of the world that it becomes hard to remember the truly simple and important things? I was just sitting here in the middle of watching a show, when I decided to turn it off and play some music. I just sat there and all that I could do was listen to the keys of the piano as they moved up and down. Please close your eyes or continue reading on as you play this video below. The song is called Rocket to the Moon by Jim Brickman. Just let your mind take you wherever it needs to go.

I don't know a lot about this song. It just happened to play on my pandora playlist and it caught my attention, but I love the message - "A Rocket to the Moon". While others may have their interpretations of this song - I imagine  the simple message of escape.

Someone that feels so bogged down on the things that are going on in their life takes an escape on a rocket to the moon. From the moon they can see the world in a perfect view. They think about how little the world is compared to the whole universe. They think about how there is so much more to this life than the everyday tasks that consumes them. They know that they cannot stay on the moon forever, so when they come back down, they are prepared to look at life a little differently, a little simpler. They are ready to take on their challenges again.

A couple days ago I went to the temple to support one of my friends who was going through for the first time. I took the afternoon off of work and the whole experience was truly amazing. The temple truly is an out of world experience and everything there is put into an eternal perspective. Everything ended so quickly though, because soon enough it was the next day and I had to go to work again. I had to deal with this things of the world. I came home from my lunch break feeling so crummy, feeling like I needed another escape - another LONG escape. Coming home today I felt the same way. Sometimes my work can be very demanding and I am a girl who does not do well in demanding environments. I know I won't be working at this job for the rest of my life, but sometimes it's hard to see the end of the tunnel. Sometimes I just want to give up.

Your perspective about life can change even in the little moments of discouragement if you remember to take time to tune out the things of the world. Remember that you are not going to always be doing what you are wanting to do with your life, and thats okay. Tuning out the world can be something so simple as turning on music while you close your eyes. It can also be reading a book or doing a hobby you enjoy. Whatever it is that helps you to tune out, I encourage you to take those tuning out moments everyday so that when you are in the moment of being demanded by the world, you will be able to have that perspective that everything is going to be okay.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Holding on to the Good

Lately I have been looking back on the things I did and decisions that I have made in the past. I look back and see all of the silly things I did and then weird things that I thought were important at that time in my life. There is one instance in particular that I want to share with you - because looking back I know things could have played out very differently. I look back at this instance and realize how dumb I was to make that decision that I made.

I started out my senior year of high school very nervous about what was going to happen. My boyfriend at that time had graduated the year before and so I felt like I was starting out new and fresh. A couple of weeks into the year I was sitting in my Business Communications class and a girl walked in who was transferring into the class. I had never seen her before and wondered if she was new to the school. The teacher told her to pick a seat wherever she would like, and she sat down right by me. We started talking and she thought that I was new to the school as well. Come to find out we were both seniors and had been to the school all three years - we just had never saw each other. From day one I saw potential in her. I felt like we would become close friends. 

It took us a while to actually start hanging out outside of our Business Communications class. I felt so comfortable talking with her from day one, and I always looked forward to hanging out with her in that class, because most of the time we did not have enough work to do to keep us occupied for the whole class period. She was starting to become my best friend. She was the person that I would tell everything to. 

The summer after we graduated, we spent a lot of time together. We were becoming closer and closer, and we made memories that we thought would never end. As soon as the summer got over, things slowly started to become different. We were busy with our various responsibilities. I was working part time and started to become close to one of the boys in my singles ward. She was going to hair school, and being a star roll in a Halloween play. We were not talking as much as we used to, and we started to become a little unconnected. Soon the time came that I would head up to BYU-Idaho for my first semester of college. She came to visit me the weekend before I left and gave me a little playlist to listen to. Our visit was not very long and was kind of awkward because of how long it had been since we had seen each other. 

** I have to put in a note here that this girl is an amazing person! Despite all of the challenges that we were currently having in our friendship, she still wanted to stop by and say that she cared and would miss me. She is a girl that is so friendly to everyone that she comes in contact with. She always has such a positive outlook on life and is always wanting to put the past behind her and look forward with hope to the future. 

As I was up in Idaho we would have our close moments and talk on the phone for a while, but it was never how it used to be. When I came back come summer time, something weird happened. I invited this girl over to my house and told her that I did not want to be "close" friends anymore. I call this a weird thing because I don't really remember why I did this and what pushed me to do this. I think I was worried that she would still want to be as close as we were before. I had almost felt like I had moved on and was too "cool" to be friends with her anymore. Dumb right? 

Looking back at this I find the whole situation really immature, and I feel so bad for this poor girl who had to put up with me. Later we had a few long emails back and forth about the whole situation and decided to put everything behind us - though we never really put the whole thing behind us and never became close friends again. 

Months and months past and I started to get really persistent promptings that I needed to do something about this. I would look at this girl and the wonderful things that she was doing, and feel so bad for the way that I had treated her. After months and months of promptings and a night of no sleep, I realized that making up was something that we needed to do. I love to say now that that has officially happened and I am so grateful and proud of this amazing girl in my life, who loves me despite all of the trials that I put her through.

Picture an individual who puts a rock into their backpack every time they make a mistake. Then they put two more rocks in when they put themselves down for that mistake. The rock amount just keeps multiplying every time they reflect on that mistake until that individual cannot move any more.

Now picture an individual who picks up the rock when they make a mistake, and then puts it back down. This individual is deciding to acknowledge the mistake that they are making by picking up the rock, but they are not holding on to it. They keep moving forward without the pain of that mistake still on their backs. 

Now imagine these individual's filling up their backpacks with good things like water, a flash light, and a compass. Because the first individual has filled their backpack with the negative things, they cannot pack the necessary things to make their life's journey. The second individual has plenty of room and decides to take the good things and cherish them. 

It is important to remember that we need to fill our lives with good. When something or someone good comes into our lives we need to always hold on to them and cherish them. When we make a mistake with that good thing, we can acknowledge the mistake, but still move forward, instead of letting that mistake get in the way of the good things that we once had. We need to take those good things on our journey with us and never let them go. 

I am so grateful for this wonderful friend in my life who has helped me to realize that I can hold on to the good and let go of the bad. I am so grateful for her forgiveness to me and her example to me. She does not let her past get in the way of her future. And her future is very bright! I love you Aubrie!