Saturday, April 20, 2013

One Blissful Year

A couple weeks ago, Jake and I celebrated our one year anniversary. We went up to Salt Lake for a couple nights, and we splurged on a nice hotel room. It was so wonderful to get away and have a weekend just with each other. We probably have not had a weekend like that since our honeymoon - and it was wonderful to spend some alone time with each other.

We decided to decorate our car because - yes we still had our Just Married stickers on the back. It was fun to cross of the just and write 1 YEAR! (Everyone who has bugged us about these stickers should be happy to hear that they are finally off, though we still feel like we are just married.)

It took us a week after our anniversary - but we finally dug into our cake top.

What have I learned from this year? Marriage is hard work and is not always blissful. There have been many things that we have had to work on to make our marriage stronger - and we are far from perfect. The important thing is that we keep trying and make sure the Lord is part of our marriage triangle. Looking back at the experiences Jake and I have had, the times that we felt the closest to one another, was when we kept the Lord close.

When we kneel down at our bedside - hand in hand - praying to our Heavenly Father.
When we hold a Family Home Evening. 
When we read scriptures together. 
When we bear our testimonies to one another.
When we follow the guidance of the Holy Ghost, even when the guidance that we receive almost seems impossible. 

When we love the way Jesus loves. 
It's often hard - after a busy day of school and work - for Jake and I to make time for each other. We both get tired, don't want to make dinner, and just want to watch our current show. When we put each other first before ourselves, our love grows stronger, and we grow closer and feel happier with each other. This is one of our main goals, despite our imperfections, we know that when we are continual working on our love, we will have a continually blissful marriage.