Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Own Little Universe Matters

Do you ever feel like you are so small compared to the entire world or even the entire universe? Despite how small we are, it's amazing how the life you live is your universe, it's your everything. We are all faced with different experiences, which make us who we are. Sometimes our little bubbles of a universe bump into someone else's, and experiences are shared. The whole universe suddenly becomes a venn diagram.

Everyone takes on their own shapes and you are just in the middle of it all - feeling small compared to the whole universe.

So why am I going here and using desperate art attempts to try to get a message across? Lately I have been feeling desperate for some sort of peace and assurance that I matter. There are so many things that come and overwhelm me and I sometimes can't help but wonder, is the life that I am living worth anything compared to the whole scheme of things? Maybe it's just the hormones talking - but it is something that has been on my mind.

I had an amazing experience today as I prayed to find this assurance. I dumped and loaded everything out on my Heavenly Father. As I was finishing my prayer I felt a very specific feeling. The Lord had put down everything for a few minutes to listen to what I had to say. I felt his personal love for me and knew that he was listening. He reminded me that I did matter.

Prayer has been somewhat of a struggle for me once I started working full time. I have really missed the couple minutes of complete peace and communication with my Heavenly Father. A few days ago, I was talking with Jake about this struggle, and we both knew that one of the reasons I have felt overwhelmed is because I have not been taking the time to communicate with my Heavenly Father.

The Lord will help fill the emptiness inside of you and let you know that you do matter - who ever you may be! Just remember to let him in!

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