Sunday, July 28, 2013

As of lately. . .

I feel like it has been a while since I have updated things that are going on in our lives as of lately . . 

As of May. . . 

Jake's brother and his family moved to Nicaragua and Jake, his sister Kathryn, and his dad decided to take on his brother's small business, at least for the summer. It's called, The Juice Press. It's a small sandwich/smoothie shop located here in Lindon. Jake quit his job at Macys and started working there full time, sometimes more. There have been days where he has been there from 8 am to 9:30 pm. It is kind of stressful, but it does have it's benefits. 
1. Jake is home in the evenings! (most of the time). Since Jake has been home more, it's been fun trying to figure out things that we like to do together. While we are far from figured out, it's still been fun to see him more. :-)
2. He brings home smoothies and bread to me. 
3. It's much more flexible than Macy's was.

We have decided that sometime in the future Jake will join the Air Force. This has been something that has always been on his mind, but once Jake was done with school for the semester and had a little bit more time on his hands, he seriously looked into this decision and the different routs that he can take. It was a huge decision for me, because being in the Air Force is a completely different life style than the life style that I am currently living. We would be far away from family, not get to choose where we got stationed, and at the time I was pregnant and wondered how I could be far away from here raising a baby on my own. We went to the temple and prayed about this decision, and we both felt like it was the right thing to do. We are still trying to figure out the best route - but I think we are pretty set on Jake applying for scholarships until he finishes up with optometry school, and then joining the air force as an optometrist. Things may change because this is years ahead of us, but it is something that has been on our minds at least. 

As of June. . .

We finally joined the world of smart phones! For the first week or so we spent all of our time on our smart phones because they were so fun! We joined the provider, Ting. You can find them online. They are kind of like a pay as you go phone, and there are no contracts involved. They have certain tiers, and if you fall within that certain tier of text, data, or minutes, you pay that much money. We have only paid one bill so far, but it only ended up costing us about $40 for the month. If your contract is ending soon, I would highly recommend checking them out. Here's a link to their website.

We have been taking a lot of Idaho trips this summer. I went up with my sister's and mom in early June for my cousins bridal shower. It was the first time that Jake and I had been away from each other for over a day since we got married. (Spoiled I know!) I loved it and hated it all at the same time. I think it was good for us to be apart for a little while so I could remember what it's like to miss him. 

We also went up to Idaho Fall's later in June for Jake's cousins wedding. It's only the 2nd sealing that I have attended, but I loved attending and being reminded of the covenants that I made with Jake when we were sealed in the temple. 

As of July. . . 

I am no longer a receptionist! They have been needing more help and so they decided to hire someone else for that position and move me on to bigger and better things. I am learning more and more about the title industry and have become an Escrow Assistant. Sometimes I feel like I am looked down upon because I decided to quit school and start working full time, but in a way I find this as such a great learning opportunity. Maybe one day I will finish up school, but as for now I am happy learning in the business that I am in. 

I am officially legal. My 21st birthday was a lot of fun. Jake and I both took off work and went shopping, fed the ducks at a local pond, and just enjoyed our time together. My mom threw together a little party with tin foil dinners and fireworks. **Just as a caution for next time any one shoots off aerial fire works - make sure they are on a steady surface, or they might just tip over and start shooting at you.**

My mom's side had a family reunion up in Idaho about a week ago. It was a lot of fun to see family that I have not seen in a long time, and just enjoy each other's company. We had a lot of fun activities planned. We went to a fun "park" with water slides and a zip line and also climbed rocks and took hikes around a lake. My favorite part of the reunion was probably when we all sat down and had a program talking about my grandma and grandpa and the lives they have lived. It will be their 60th wedding anniversary come December and I am so grateful for them and the examples they are to me! 

As of forever. . . 

Jake is still the cutest person in the world. And I will always love him!

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  1. Wow, air force. If he joins before school they will pay for his education.
    It was good to see you last week. Love you shelly.