Sunday, December 29, 2013

Baby Marshall!

As most people guessed it, we are having a boy! Jake had the idea to post this video before we knew what it was, but it was only going to work if we were having a boy. When we walked out of the doctors office he mentioned that he could use this video - very excitedly I might add.

Let's roll back for a second though. We had our appointment scheduled for December 20th, just a few days before Christmas. We thought the day was never going to come, but each day would pass and I would get that much more excited. As soon as we were only days away, I started to get nervous. This ultrasound was not only to find out the gender, but was going to check if everything was growing correctly with the baby. I was nervous that something was going to be wrong - like the baby only having one arm or something. It almost seemed inevitable that something would be wrong - how could everything be perfect?

Our appointment was scheduled for 11:00am, and the whole morning I was super nervous. When I am nervous, I get sick to my stomach, and cannot eat anything. Driving over to the doctors office felt so weird! Was I really about to see my (hopefully) healthy baby?

Jake and I pulled up to the doctors office at the same time, and as soon as I saw him, my fears subsided. His presence always helps me to calm down. Soon enough, we were called in and the ultrasound immediately started. Seeing my baby move around, with all limbs intact, my nerves went away. I immediately fell in love with this baby boy and every little movement he made. The ultrasound technician said everything looked perfect. It still seems like a miracle! 

I am now starting to feel this baby boy move, he especially loves to nudge me in the bladder. Every time I feel him, I get happy knowing that he is happy and healthy. I am also starting to show - instead of just looking like I have a gut. I have finally purchased some maternity clothes, and I love having this little belly.

We have decided to name our boy, Marshall Howard Hansen. Marshall is one of Jake's ancestors, and Howard is my grandpa's name. We are so excited to officially meet him! We feel so blessed! 

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