Sunday, January 12, 2014

Writing our Prayers

There are some that are really good at writing in their journals about day to day life. I really love writing in my journal, though I cannot say that I have been very good at it the past two years or so. It's one of those places that is a safe haven where one can vent and write down personal feelings they have about anything. Some people write in their journals to organize their thoughts, which in effect helps them to feel less stressed.

Letters to God is a movie about a young boy who has cancer. This young boy has a tremendous amount of faith as a Christian and writes "letters to God" about his day, his trials, or blessings. I saw this movie a couple years ago, and while it is pretty cheesy, it really affected me. I watched it with one of my guy friends at the time, and I ended up watching it a couple times alone close afterwards as well (to not be embarrassed by my tears). I loved the close relationship this little boy had with God, you could see it in the letters that he wrote. 

Soon afterwards I started to write my own "letters to God" as part of my journal, though I only did it for about a month. I would address them as:

Dear Heavenly Father,

I would then tell Him about my day and the things that I have been struggling with, and just what is on my mind at that time. Even though I was not physically praying during this time, I knew that He was hearing me and listening to me. I was just reading back on these "letters" or "prayers" and I realize how strong of a relationship I started to have with our Father in Heaven just by writing down my thoughts addressed to Him. I would always end my letter as:

Your Daughter, Michelle

Looking back, I can see the personal relationship that I had with my Heavenly Father during that stage of my life. Though a lot of times I wrote about the stress and drama of friends, which now does not seem like a very big deal. It was a big deal at the time, and I know that He was listening.

I know that there are people out there who struggle with prayer, and feel like their thoughts get jumbled, and that they seem repetitive. I feel like this is an alternate way that may benefit those who struggle with prayer like me. I encourage my readers to take on this challenge with me, and also give me feedback as to how it went. I am going to make this my seven day challenge - and I will report and give feedback once the challenge is complete. 

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  1. Michelle I seriously love this. I keep thinking I need to start writing in my journal and what you say makes me want to do it even more, and with a different mind set. Thanks for sharing :) Great Challenge!