Sunday, September 14, 2014

Negative to Positive Thoughts: Reflections

So I challenged myself, and anyone else who wanted to participate, to turn at least one negative thought that we have each day into a positive one. I have also blogged my experiences each day if you want to check those out. If you missed or want to read my original challenge, you can read it here!

I have LOVED doing this challenge. Even though the challenge was just for changing one of my negative thoughts, I have found myself thinking more positive throughout each day. Some days it was even hard to think negative, or pick out a negative thought that I may have had.

In a April 1978 conference, Elder Sterling W. Sill said this about our thoughts:
"William James, the great Harvard Psychologist, once asked this question, how would you like to create your own mind? But isn't that about what usually happens? Professor James explains that the mind is made up by what it feeds upon. He said that the mind, like the dyer's hand, is colored by what it holds. If I hold in my hand a sponge full of purple dye, my hand becomes purple. And if I hold in my mind and heart great ideas of faith and enthusiasm, my whole personality is changed accordingly.
"If we think negative thoughts, we develop negative minds. If we think depraved thoughts, we develop depraved minds. On the other hand, if we think celestial thoughts, which are the kind of thoughts that God thinks, then we develop celestial minds..."
(Read the full talk.)

Although there are a lot of disputes in psychology theories, I believe this to be true. While I do believe that each of us were born with different personalities, I believe our personalities are influenced by our outside influences. Nature and nurture both influence who we are! So when we are surrounded by positive thinking, we will become positive people. Again, I have felt this way throughout the past seven days and it has made such a difference, especially during the more challenging days.

Even though this challenge is over, I wish to continue to try to think more positively and be grateful for all of the circumstances that I find myself in, good or bad. I encourage you to give it a try - you will not be disappointed!

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