Sunday, February 22, 2015

Remember the Alamo

So it has been a while since I have last blogged. A lot has happened in these few seemingly short months.

Marshall Update:

Marshall is now 9 months old and is such a fun little boy! He has learned so many things in the past few months. It is hard to believe that I am going to have a 1 year old in just a few months.

For Halloween we decided to dress Marshall up as a marshmallow. A few people started to call him Marshall-Mallow, so we decided that would fit well for a costume. We decided to dress up with him and were the s'more family.

When Marshall was 6 months old I started to notice that we have a really curious boy on our hands. He studies people, and looks around at his environment. It looks like he is trying to figure out how things work and what this life is all about. Luckily he still has not figured out how to crawl yet, but I believe I will have my hands full when he does.

I also started to feed Marshall real food at six months, and he loves it and I cannot catch up with him. Sometimes I feel like he eats more food than I do.

Marshall also took his very first trip up to Idaho to see my extended family. He did so good in the car and was overall content the whole trip!

By 7 months old Marshall learned how to clap and start saying words like da-da. He also learned how to sit up on his own. He also started to more consistently sleep through the night. 
Marshall also had a very good Christmas. Jake's family had a party a couple nights before Christmas and it was Jake's turn to dress up like Santa Claus. I don't think Marshall was fooled though, he just stared at "Santa" wondering why his dad was dressed up like that. Marshall was so cute Christmas morning. I could not get him to stop smiling. 



By 8 months old Marshall started to get pretty good at backing himself into corners and saying other words such as ma-ma and uh-oh. This was kind of a hard month for the both of us because Marshall got a few teeth and was just more fussy. There was one night where he was up SUPER late. It reminded me of when he was a newborn. But we survived and now he is sleeping great again!


Marshall had his very first cold just a few weeks ago, when he turned 9 months old. That was kind of a hard time too because he got mommy and daddy sick as well. It seemed like our colds were never going to go away, but thankfully they eventually did. I feel super blessed that he had not been sick until this point, and that he is overall a very healthy child. 

Jacob Update:

Jake, my adorable husband, did not have much of  a Christmas break from school. It was actually rather stressful for the both of us. Jake had turned in his optometry school applications earlier that month, but he still had to take his Optometry Admissions Test, which he scheduled to take at the end of December. He constantly studied while I constantly tried to stay out of his way and not distract him in our small apartment. I think the hardest part was trying to keep Marshall quiet and entertained. Luckily, once Jake took the test we did not have to worry about it anymore because he got a good score!


Soon after that, optometry schools started inviting Jake to come interview at their schools. We were a bit overwhelmed because we did not think that all of the schools that Jake applied to would ask him to come interview. With optometry schools, when they invite a student to come interview, they most likely will accept you. Jake went to his first interview at the end of January to the University of the Incarnate Word - Rosenberg School of Optometry in San Antonio. He was able to stay with a friend there who is now attending that school. That friend definitely spoiled him by showing him around town and treating him to a nice stay. Jake loved the school and the area. Jake then had two more interviews two weeks after that, one in Houston and one in St. Louis. But you probably guessed by the title of my blog where we decided to go - SAN ANTONIO! The fall semester starts mid-August. It is weird to think that in a few months we will be leaving Utah and be starting this new adventure. 

Jacob is also such a wonderful daddy! I sure do love the time he takes out of his busy schedule to take care of us!

Michelle Update:

I continue to stay busy being a mom and a wife to two amazing boys. But for the new year I have decided to set a few more goals and gain some hobbies.
1. I am striving to read and complete the Book of Mormon this year! I have read the Book of Mormon quite a bit, just not so much cover to cover. It is easy for me to sometimes get into tangents while reading, even though there is nothing wrong with that. 
2. I am striving to limit my use of technology. Sometimes it is easy for me to turn on the TV or look at my phone while tending to Marshall. I realize that those are not the best of habits, and I want to teach Marshall that technology should not always be our go to. There are many other things that we can do. That being said, I am striving to set more time during the day to just play and give my undivided attention to Marshall. I have also started to do some family history work and I am really enjoying it! 
3. I am striving to become more service oriented. This is the hardest goal for me and my introverted personality. I mainly am praying that I can look outside of myself and remember to not be so selfish. I can go out of my way to make sure others are happy and being taken care of.
4. Lastly, I am striving to develop a stronger relationship with my Heavenly Father. Prayer is a constant battle for me. Sometimes while I am praying my mind gets completely distracted from the prayer and I tend to start repeating the same phrases over and over. I am striving to say my prayers out loud, and write them down so that I can really focus on what I want to convey.