Sunday, May 24, 2015

Moving day is upon us!

Jacob and I have now been married for three years and we have got quite comfortable with our little basement apartment. I have always thought that it would be hard for me once I married to call someplace else home. Luckily for me I only had to move a block away from where I grew up. We have been so blessed with our little place - a place where Jake's parents have spoiled us with rent, cookies, meals, a back yard, babysitting, and lots of love. Not to mention only living a block away from my parents, where they spoiled us with their love and support as well. It may take us a lifetime to repay all of them for their generosity.

In less than two months we will be moving. Moving far away from the place that Jacob and I grew up. Is it possible that we could ever call someplace else home?

* * * * *

At the beginning of May, Jake graduated from Utah Valley University. I knew that graduation was in his future, I just did not know that it would sneak up on us so quickly.

Jake and his parents

So proud of this guy!

* * * * *

A week after graduation we headed off to San Antonio to search for possible apartments. Our trip was pretty short, yet we were excited to come back home to Utah. We spent a lot of time in our hotel room because Marshall and Jake were throwing up. We still had fun, but it was a less than ideal vacation.

We went to the river walk when Marshall started to feel better and before Jake felt sick. It was super pretty and it made San Antoio feel a little cooler.

Marshall normally does not like to cuddle. We felt pretty spoiled that he would actually cuddle with us while he was sick.

The San Antonio Temple was beautiful. I loved all of the unique plants around the city. I almost felt like we were in a forest of some kind. It is very green and there are a lot of unique birds.

After the temple, a big thunder storm blew in. We drove back to the hotel and watched the storm from our window.

* * * * *

Just yesterday we found out that we were approved for an apartment and got an official moving day! It is becoming more real and exciting, yet scary.

I will miss having our close support system of family. I will miss the mountains. I will miss Utah weather - however unpredictable it may be. I will miss our church building. I will miss our neighbors. I will miss the Mormon culture. I will miss all of the memories that I have built here over the years. 

Yet there are many great things in our future and things that we can look forward to. I am excited to move out into the 'mission field'. I am excited to meet new people and make new friends. I am excited for a walk-in closet, and more bathroom space. I am excited to have a pool in my back yard. I am excited for Jake and the start of his optometry school program. He is excited to start learning about topics more applicable to his future career. 

Also, there is one more thing that I find comfort in. That is that wherever I go I can take the Lord, and my faith, with me. I know that while family and friends will be far away, the Lord is still there. I will still be able to talk to him, and he will be able to give me comfort when I need it. I am so glad He will come along with us for the ride!