Monday, September 14, 2015

Good ole' San Antonio

Well we have been here for almost two months now! It is crazy how fast time flies! It was so so sad to say goodbye to my family back in Utah. The Green's had a family reunion a couple weeks before we left and it was so fun being with everyone before we left!

Marshall had roseola so he looked so sad with his rash!

It was so hard to keep this boy clean when we were up in the canyon. He is definitely a boy!

Trying to clean Marshall up afterwards.

So glad we were able to get family pictures done! Sad to think that everyone to the right of my parents are living in different states now.

The week after the reunion my little brother headed off on his mission to Wisconsin. My family had a testimony meeting after he was set apart and it was an experience I still cherish. We have received several emails from him now and he is doing great things. He is such an amazing example and has an amazing testimony.

And a few days later my little family was off to new adventures! Sadly we did not take any pictures of the moving experience. I wish we got a picture of our truck, and most importantly with Jake's parents. They drove down with us in the truck and they were extremely helpful! I don't know if we would have been able to do it without them. We split the trip into three days and the first day we ended up taking a wrong turn and drove through the mountains of Colorado. Don't get me wrong, the mountains were gorgeous! But when you are driving through them on a narrow road with a moving truck going at much slower speeds, it was less than ideal. 

The next day was actually great! The day after that (the last day) was harder though. We went to fill up our gas at a Costco in Lubbock, TX and the moving truck was having a hard time filling up. We had to keep pumping the gas and so it took forever! Our car filled up fine, but then when we went to turn it on, it would not start. Luckily, someone was kind enough to offer to jump us, but we were scared to turn off our car the entire day. Once we arrived in San Antonio we got a new battery and it has worked fine ever since.

It was super sad to say goodbye to Jake's parents when we dropped them off at the airport. And again I am so sad we did not get any pictures with them. We love them very much!


Now that we are here we are trying our best to adjust to our new life style. Jake is very busy with school. He is taking 22 credits and so he comes home for dinner and then gets back to studying once Marshall goes to bed. It is definitely an adjustment for him as he has never had to study this much before! We just keep praying every day that he can get through the next day and then hopefully make it through to the end of this semester. Baby steps. Baby steps.

You're a real doctor when you get your own stethoscope right? Wish it was that easy! 

Speaking of baby steps. Marshall is now walking! He started walking the day we dropped Jake's parents off at the airport. It is amazing how much babies learn within just a short time frame. He is learning new things every day and I can tell that he understands us more. Just today I asked him to go grab a book so that I could read to him, and he actually grabbed a book and brought it back. He is also learning a few signs like "more" and "all done". He also likes saying "no" before he does something bad. Doggies are his favorite now as we have a lot of new neighbors with dogs!

It's fun being here living on our own without family close by. Don't get me wrong, I miss them like crazy and it does get hard and lonely sometimes. But this is so good for us! I am learning to make new friends all over again. I know that might sound silly, but I guess I just was too comfortable with my family and friends back in Utah that I forgot what it was like to make new friends. 

Some other random things:
- I love how diverse the culture is here. Sometimes I feel like white people are the minority. In our apartment complex I feel like we are surrounded by Indians.
- There really is only one grocery store chain here: HEB. But I love them! They have pretty good deals, and good produce. I do get confused sometimes though because most of the food labels read both English and Spanish.Everyone is so friendly at the grocery store too. Maybe that's just because I have an adorable baby. But they definitely feel free to touch him without asking. haha. 
- I love the ward here as well. It just feels different than Utah wards. It feels like family, and I feel a greater need to be a member missionary.
- There are a million interstates here. Okay probably not a million, but it sure seems like it to me. I never know which direction I am going.
- I am learning that the swimming pool is a mans best friend. August was the hottest month down here and the pool just makes the heat and humidity go away.

When it gets hard, we just remember the confirmation we got our first week of being here that this is where we need to be and what we need to be doing. That makes moving forward much easier.

Thanks for reading!