Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My Social Media Cleanse

I'll admit that I am a pretty insecure person. Or at least I have insecure days. A week ago I had one of those days. There were many triggers that led to this, but overall it came from my tendency to compare myself to other people. I love my social media, but sometimes I look at it the wrong way. I tend to look at another person's life and think that they are perfect. This makes me feel inadequate, and diminishes my self-worth. I end up comparing my weaknesses to their strengths. What a horrible comparison that is! However, my mind and emotions get tricked into thinking their lives are better than mine.

I knew that social media was making me an emotional nut-case. Not only for the fact of how insecure it made me feel, but also because I had a constant need to 'check' my phone endlessly. I found I was not enjoying my life as much as I was enjoying other peoples lives. I was not being 'there' for my kids. I would snap at them more if they needed my attention. I did not like the person I was when I was constantly 'checking' my phone.

This self-diminishing day led me to make some changes. I made a goal to sign out of Instagram and Facebook and only check them morning and night. The rest of the day I could focus on my own life, and not the lives of those I follow. I have replaced my constant checking with being more present with my family, friends, and an inspirational eBook. What a difference this had made since I started this social media cleanse a week ago! I am hopeful, encouraged, and happy. I can honestly say that I love my life, despite the daily challenges that I face.

We all have our weaknesses and challenges! Social media only shows us little snippets of most people's lives. Often times, people only post the positive, because that's what they want to celebrate and remember. It does not mean that their lives are not filled with trials. I love social media for this reason. It gives us a chance to celebrate and mourn with those we love. We are so lucky that we have a support system of individuals who mostly strive to lift up and not put down. There are many times that I have been encouraged by something someone posts, which then helps me get through a challenge that I may be having. I will never delete my social media accounts for this reason.

We need to all be there to support each other and lift each other up. Our life here on earth is not a competition, unlike what Satan tells us. We need to be happy for others, and not jealous of them. We need to rejoice in each others victories. Life is hard, so let's help each other through it.

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