Friday, May 26, 2017

Miss Maylee is One!

I cannot believe that I am already celebrating this one year old! I am not sure how our family survived without this beautiful girl. Her six tooth smile is infectious, and her cheeks are devoured constantly. She is such a content and happy baby. She goes with the flow most of the time, and just enjoys whatever situation she is in.

I love watching her grow in her communication skills. She loves to say 'uh-oh' and uses it in the right context. She also waves and says 'hi' constantly. It's the best and never gets old. She also will point to things and say 'dis'. Sometimes she tries to copy words that we say, but a lot of the sounds just sound the same. She also tries to communicate by giving me things. For example, she will give me her shoes if she wants to go outside. Or she will give me a book if she wants me to read to her. She also
loves to give me things just to look at, and then she wants me to give them back to her.

She is a natural born girl. She will hug and smile at dolls or stuffed animals or give them a pat on the back. She likes to cuddle when she is tired or upset. She loves to dance. She will bounce, shake her head back and forth, and also shakes her arms whenever she hears music.

Maylee is a problem solver. It's so interesting looking at the differences between Marshall and Maylee. While Marshall was a lot more cautious and dependent, Maylee is fearless and independent. She likes to figure things out herself. For example, she can maneuver her walker anywhere she pleases. Marshall, on the other hand, would cry whenever he crashed into the wall and expect me to help him. When Maylee crashes, she pulls it backwards, turns, and starts walking again.

She is obsessed with food. This is one of the only times of day that we get an angry girl. We literally cannot feed her fast enough.She loves to manuouver herself around the legs of the table multiple times. She likes to throw balls and knock down the block towers that Marshall or I build for her. She like pulling things out of containers, and then putting them back in. She gets so excited whenever it is bath time. Splashing in the water is one of her favorite things. She enjoys trying to walk to me and can take up to nine or so steps at a time by herself.

She is interested in other babies and people, yet very cautious. She usually just needs a minute to warm up to them and likes her own little bubble at first. Oh and she likes mom around. If I leave her in the room with someone she is unfamiliar with, a tantrum will ensue.

Maylee, thank you so much for choosing me to be your mom! You have blessed our family in numerous ways. You are always turning my frowns and frustrations into smiles and relief. I can't wait to see how you develop this next year. But please don't grow up too fast!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Mister Marsh is THREE!

Three years ago I became a mom to one of the most wonderful boys. He had cheeks galore and I am blessed that I still get to love on them!

Marshall definitely has a slow to warm up personality, but if you have patience and don't give up on him, then he will love and adore you. He loves tickles, and loves to give hugs and kisses. If you have an 'owie', you can count on Marshall to kiss it better for you. While he is shy and may not show it, he truly cares about others. He loves to laugh and giggle with his friends, and will always watch out the window saying 'bye friends, see ya' when they leave. He is also starting to ask to play with friends, so that's been fun! Marshall especially loves his little sister, Maylee. He will ask for her if she is asleep, or if he wants her to do an activity with him. He likes to rub her head and say, 'soft, soft, soft'.

Marshall's language development has required a lot of patience, but I am happy to say that he is getting it! His language has exploded the past couple of months, and you can often see the wheels turning in his head. He loves to narrate any movie that he watches by telling me what he sees. He also loves to narrate his books. He still talks in his own made up language a lot, but uses it more as a filler. So you'll hear made up words and real words combined when he talks. He has been starting to sing a bit, and when he switches to a different song he will make the sound of a radio tuning. He is also learning how to problem solve. One of my favorites recently was when he saw a scratch mark on the wall. He pointed to the wall and said, 'oh no! . . . hammer!'. Then he went into the coat closet and got Jake's tool box so he could hammer the wall and fix it.

He is obsessed with trucks and cars. He also loves to paint and play with play dough. However, one of his most favorite things to do is play in the dirt outside. The pool is becoming a new favorite too! He knows how to watch movies or play games on our phones. Some of his favorites right now are Monsters Inc., Peanuts, and Daniel Tiger. A new favorite activity for him is dancing. He is always asking to dance, so it's been fun for us to get up and get moving a bit! He also loves to climb on the bed and pretend to sleep so he can say, 'wake up!'. We often get a big blanket out so we can build a fort, and he is obsessed with that.

I have changed in a lot of ways since I have become a mom. I look back on these crazy fast three years and realize that Marshall has helped me in tremendous ways. He has helped me to understand myself as we both have similar personalities. He has helped me to appreciate my own mother and for the patience it took her to raise me. He has helped me to adjust my priorities so I am more focused on loving others and not just getting things done. He has helped me to enjoy life and to laugh more. He has helped me to understand the love that my Heavenly parents have for me. He has been my buddy since day one, and continues to be. We definitely do have our trying moments, but the good always outweighs the bad with this kid. Thanks for blessing me three years ago, and for continuing to bless me! I love you!